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Cocoon Fitness Pod

The Cocoon Fitness POD is an infra-red sauna that provides programs around physical fitness, relaxation, and weight management to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals faster. 

The treatment

This wellness activity allows you to achieve fitness, health and wellness goals in a relaxed, private environment, and is ideal for people suffering from pain, recovering from injuries or people that want to burn calories while enjoying a relaxing massage. We also offer a full body contour massage with body wrap to provide even greater detoxing and weight-loss!

Infrared light is perfectly healthy and safe and can even be used on newborn babies. Cocoon Infrared Therapy can assist in detoxification, weight loss, cardiovascular health, skin purification, and stress reduction. 

After every session you will leave feeling relaxed, de-stressed and renewed with noticeable improvements in the aches, pains or physical discomfort you may have felt before stepping into the Pod.

Doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists use infrared every day in clinics and hospitals around the world to relieve pain, heal skin conditions, increase flexibility and generally help to heal the body – and now you can enjoy the benefits through personal treatments here at Illume Skin Spa!

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Weight Loss

Burns Fat & Calories

200-600 per session.

Increase Metabolism


Soothing massage vibration

Aroma therapy

Relax muscles


Reduce pain from injury

Accelerate healing process

Reduced tension


Improve immune system

Improved sleep quality

Reduced anxiety

 Reduce water retention

Skin tightening 

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